social media strategy

Think of Tracado like a Swiss Army knife – but instead of a bottle opener or corkscrew, we use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Now pour yourself a whiskey…

We use Artificial Intelligence software that integrates machine learning for maximum organic engagement.

Because of our (queue tech speak) ‘insights’, we know what to post online, when and how often to post.

We are data driven and analyse multiple touch points – from competitors and cadence to colours and keywords.

Our software intelligence allows us to take the guesswork out of creative direction by constantly monitoring tens of thousands of brands to make sure we disseminate the most effective content possible.

Using this intel we incorporate photoshoots and video production into our packages so we can develop unique and original content to use across social media channels.

Clever and bespoke copy, clips, quotes and images are curated carefully to humanise your brand and resonate with your target audience.