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Paying homage to our Melbourne and Milan bases with a blend of citrus and a cheeky ginger twist.
It's a hand-crafted collaboration with our friends at Little Lon Distillery, it’s enjoyed best in some of our recommended cocktails below, or neat on ice with a slice of blood orange.

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an italian x aussie fusion

our two recipes

Chinotto Mick

1.5 shot Ginger Mick (45ml)
0.25 shot Campari (10ml)
0.25 shot Dry Vermouth (10ml)
0.25 shot Lime juice (10ml)  
Top with Chinotto


  1. Fill tumbler with ice
  2. Add in Gin, Campari, Dry Vermouth and Lime Juice.
  3. Top with Chinotto.
  4. Garnish with Mint Sprig.

Aranciata / Negroni spritz

1.5 shot Ginger Mick (45ml)
0.5 shot Lemon juice (15ml)
0.5 shot Ginger syrup - regular syrup works fine (15ml)
0.5 shot - Aranciata rossa (15ml)
Angostura bitters


  1. Fill tumbler with ice
  2. Add in Gin, Lemon juice and Ginger syrup.
  3. Top with Aranciatta Rossa.
  4. Add a dash of bitters.
  5. Garnish with dehydrated blood orange