marketing is thirsty work

you are experts at winemaking, distilling, perhaps brewing.

Maybe you manage a bar or are inventing a new twist on tonic. 

You know you need to promote your drinks, but you’re not sure where to start or how much it’s going to cost. 

We have a simple solution… An affordable all-in marketing package that will get you exposure, sell your product, and quench the thirst of thousands. 

We specialise in helping craft beverage producers get visibility through a mix of marketing activities that get results and return on investment

Tracado understand that most boutique producers need hands on tools, not sitting behind a computer tapping away at a computer screen. Our small team work as your agency based in-house marketing department, and this is what makes us different to other agencies. 

We know we need to be in regular contact with you to find out what is happening in your business, who your customers are, how they interact with you, what has worked and what hasn’t. This means we are big advocates in regularly updating you with what is happening, we get approvals for everything up front, and we are there when things like snap lockdowns happen to change strategy and get everyone buying up online as opposed to driving door-based visitation. 

Because we are niche and we have a full time specialised and talented team that are super passionate about the drinks industry, we are able to keep costs at a minimum, making the investment in the marketing services we offer cheaper than employing someone fresh out of uni part time. 

The difference is that our team have decades of combined experience, have established relationships and proven track records in nailing strong publicity, seeding your product out to influencers, and writing witty content combined with creating powerful images and videos that will  stop the scroll and drive social media engagement.  

So how does it work all come together ?

like a good cocktail, we've got a recipe for making your drinks dazzle

public relations

Specialised press releases, backgrounds and profiles are created when something newsworthy is happening (such as a new product launch, a release of a museum edition, an anniversary or a new chef announcement), and disseminated with personalised pitches to the who’s who of the media world. 

We have access to leading databases including Telum to ensure we are always up to date with movements and changes in the world of journalism. 

content creation

Social media algorithms are based on a few key metrics to ensure maximum engagement- frequency of posting, original content, relevance of the content to your audience base and timeliness. It’s a lot to take it, but basically we will push out regular, original content using mixed media across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and down the track, Tik Tok so you don’t have to.    


We can take control of your online presence, writing newsletters, updates to websites, marketing automation to reduce cart abandonment, adding in e-commerce, running google and social media ads (what we call Pay Per Click), our data team will make sure you don’t miss out on the chance of a sale. 

our method

Our directorship team take a bird’s eye look at what is happening on the marketing front – making sure we recognise what is being done well and what needs a bit of help or a push along.

We then devise a 90-day marketing plan, and within that we include everything from photoshoots to consultancy hours to update a website if needed. We let you know what will be done when, we share the copy with you and get approval on it, lock in the process that works best for you (such as face to face meetings, zoom calls, emails or basecamp updates) and then roll up our sleeves and get cooking. 

the result

Having your core marketing activities ticked off means you can be nimble and future proof your business, as well as scale and grow.

A great example of this is Tokar Estate. Over the last 18 months, we have conducted regular photoshoots, outreached to media to inspire the attention of greats including Max Allen and Halliday Magazine just to name a few, and optimised the e-commerce element of the business.

Over snap lockdowns we switched from restaurant only to home delivered meals online in a matter of a few short hours, selling out hundreds of packs each time in under 24 hours without spending a cent on advertising- just through activating the database and through social media channels. We ran some small scale pay-per-click paid ads for some wine packs, selling out dozens of cases again in the space of a week with minimal investment.

next steps

If you are interested in handing over your marketing operations to a team of passionate and senior experts, with the full knowledge you remain in control, we remain accountable and you see strong results, get in touch with us – we would love to have a chat!

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