the deal

The greatest festival in the southern hemisphere for pets and the humans who love them needed some digital TLC. They had a relatively dormant digital presence that was just being ticked along, a website that needed a bit of botox and no marketing roadmap.

dog lovers show

the yakka


Tracado manages all ongoing social media for both the Cat Lovers Show and Dog Lovers Show events. Tracado developed a digital strategy to redefine content pillars that would both sell tickets, and engage users.

We helped reskin the website with simple new banners that integrated across all marketing assets and worked with their creative agency to develop GIF’s to use across social media ticket sales drives.

Tracado set up ticketing promo codes around key periods like Easter, Mothers Day and Christmas to increase the lead time on early acquisitions and get people pre-purchasing earlier. Tracado is now working with the ticketing provider to reinvigorate the on-site user experience

We integrated AI driven content automation so we could spend more time elevating online activity – like improving the visitor experience through the ticketing agency and setting up social media channels as revenue streams for sponsored content.

Hashtags were developed and user generated content using these hashtags was posted across channels including Insta-Stories. As a result event goers became invested in amplifying their experience, increasing event visibility and a sense of FOMO for their peers.

Online community management is also at the core of this project – auto-responders, twice daily management, and direct interaction with users meant negative feedback was able to be carefully managed, and a positive community sentiment enforced.

Tracado produced promotional videos for sponsored features in line with social media trends preferring this type of content.

the outcome

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Event responses
500 K
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